Tuesday Night Twitter Party

There’s nothing like getting to know people on a one on one basis. I’ve always loved interacting with fans at my live shows. When I first started my career performing concerts, I had a brochure with questions inside of it and a free postcard for every person that would attend. To this day I still give away a free postcard at all my shows at the merchandise or autograph table.

Over a year ago I started hosting a Tuesday Night Twitter Party on Twitter. For an hour I chat with my fans from around the world. It’s great getting a chance to chat with each and every one of them and it allows me to get to know their interests and passions. I would love for you to join us.

It’s every Tuesday at 9 pm est on Twitter. You can join the chat by using #codieprevost in your tweets or by going to www.tchat.io , use #codieprevost there to chat with everyone.

Hope you can join us this coming Tuesday. I’d love to get to know you better.

I appreciate you reading my post and to show my appreciation just like the live show postcard I have a gift for you. Here is a free download of 3 of my songs for you.

Thank you for your support,

Get Loud!!


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