The Journey In Thailand Begins


It’s crazy to think two days ago it felt like -45 degrees celcius and now it feels like +45 degrees celcius. Ashley and I left Saskatoon Sunday evening at 8:50 P.M. and flew to Vancouver, B.C. the flight was about 2 hours long which was only the beginning of our journey. We got to Vancouver and had the best Thai chicken wrap ever. We then carried on to our departure gate and of course I forgot my passport at the restaurant we had eaten at. Luckily we went back and they were waiting for me with my passport. I seem to have things happen like this often to me lol.

We made our way back to the gate and got aboard the plane bound for Taipei, Taiwan. This flight was a great test for us as it was about 13 hours long. Ashley slept quite a bit of the way I tried to but kept waking up every hour or two. Finally I got up and watched about 4 movies. We arrived in Taipei after what seemed forever in the air.

The temperature in Taipei had warmed up to about 20 degrees celcius sure nicer than Saskatoon. We were in Taipei for about 3 hours then got on a plane bound for Bangkok, Thailand. The flight to Bangkok took about 3.5 hours and on the flight they served a meal that consisted of raw egg, rice, and some kind of pork I am still trying to get used to the food here. We got into Bangkok and it was about 33 degrees.

We then toured the airport looking for a flight to an island called Koh Samui where we wanted to begin our adventure of Thailand. We found a flight that cost about $160 each and flew out one last time. This flight was only about an hour so it was a breeze. It was so incredible flying over Koh Samui for the first time seeing the aqua green ocean and all the reefs it looked as if it were a scene out of a movie. We landed safely in Koh Sumai hoped in a cab and headed to our hotel which I would say is more of a hut style hotel.

It is amazing the great deals you can find on hotels here in Thailand. You can stay in a really decent hotel for about $50 a night or less. Should plan a concert tour here I guess with those rates.

Now that we have finally made it to day 1 of our adventure here we go!

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