The Beaches of Koh Samui & Koh Toa

We spent one full day in Koh Sumai yesterday. What an incredible experience it was. We started out the day by taking a walk to discover the beach near the hotel where we were staying. We returned to the hotel to get some information on the area.

We decided to be brave so we rented a scooter from the hotel for 200 baht for the whole day, which works out to about $8, which is a very cheap and great way to see the island. I took a few practice circles around the hotel before chancing the main road, this is where growing up riding a dirt bike came in handy.

We cruised up a mountain on the scooter to see some advertised waterfalls. Once up the mountain we parked and went on a great hike but the advertised waterfalls did not amount to too much. On the bright side we did end up getting some great exercise. The scooter had a hard time making it up the mountain because of a lack of power lol. We were scared we were going to have to push but the little Honda engine pulled through thankfully.

We returned back to the hotel after this adventure and made our way to the beach where we hung out for the remainder of the day.

We went for dinner last night to an Italian restaurant. During supper a guy pulled up on his scooter I watched him get off his bike then continued eating. A few minutes later Ashley told me to look at where the guy had been standing. He had fallen and there were people surrounding him. It looked as though he had a heart attack. A guy who looked to be a doctor came along and started doing CPR on the man. The ambulance showed up and took him away. He did not look to be breathing when they got him in the ambulance but we sure hope he was okay. Sure shows how fast things can happen in life really reminds you to appreciate the time you have.

This morning we got up at 5 A.M. because we are still getting used to the new time zone but also because we had to catch a boat to an island called Koh Tao. We boarded the boat at approximately 8 A.M. and it was about a 3-hour trek to Koh Tao. Pulling up to Koh Toa was incredible just seeing the green clear water. They say it is one of the best snorkeling/diving locations in the world.

We checked into our hotel around 11 a.m. then went for some great Pad Thai at a local restaurant. We then went down to the beach and we tried some snorkeling and hung out the rest of the day.

At 5 P.M. Ashley and I went to our first class for Scuba Diving! We are in orientation to become certified divers. Tomorrow we will be diving into a swimming pool, the first step before getting into the ocean lol. Right now we are in the hotel and Ashley is a little bit worried as I might be to we just saw a gecko on our hotel wall and they are not easy to catch. Chat soon!

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