Certified Sunburned and Setting Sail


Ashley and I spent the last 5 days on the Island of Koh Toa, which is known for world class Scuba Diving. We booked into the Ban’s Diving School and Hotel. The 1st day we had orientation, which was held in a classroom along the beach of Koh Toa. The 2nd day we got to learn about all the Scuba Gear and did a pre dive in the swimming pool, which went pretty good.

Day 3 we were set for our very 1st ocean dive. Our class, which consisted of about 14 members loaded on a small boat and were taken out to sea where we climbed aboard a much larger boat. The first dive we went underwater to about 12 meters and we were very luck because visibility this time of year was incredible you could see about 25 meters underwater.

After the first dive we returned to the boat because you have to wait about an hour or more before your 2nd dive to let all the nitrogen out of your body. The 2nd dive was going very well until it came time to do the skills. I was performing what is called a mask dump and I ended up choking on the seawater. I worked myself into a bit of a panic 12m down and thankfully the coach was there and we worked through it.

The 4th day we did 2 dives down to 18 meters where we saw lots of fish, coral, and Ashley saw a Blue Spotted Stingray that I somehow missed. On this day I tried the mask dump again and did it no problem. When we completed these dives we were certified! They had filmed our 4th dive so we met with the group that night to watch it and have supper together.

The 5th day we made our way to the other side of Koh Toa and stayed at a resort called Montalay Bay resort, which was an awesome way to end our stay on Koh Toa. We did end up getting terrible sunburns even with all the lotion we had put on.

We are now on a boat to Railay Beach, Which is in the province of Krabi. Ashley got seasick already we sure can’t wait to get to the next destination. Chat soon.

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